Education Ministry receives over 48,000 requests for vaccines in schools

14 Sep 2021

Officials in schools in Poland have obtained 48,300 declarations from parents who want their children to receive the Covid vaccine at school.

This is according to a report by the Ministry of Education, with school principals collecting these declarations from parents since the beginning of September.

As well as parents’ declarations, Poland’s Ministry of Education reported declarations have also been received from 1,490 school employees, along with 3,380 family members of the school pupils.

In addition, the Ministry stated that up until 10 September, as many as 10,626 schools throughout Poland had established a collaboration with coronavirus vaccination centres. As a result, vaccinations will take place in 1,398 schools in the country.

Furthermore, over 9,000 schools are planning to organise vaccines for students in public vaccination centres.

On a national level, Poland’s Ministry of Education said 34.40% of students aged between 12 and 18 had received the coronavirus vaccine. 

"We encourage everyone to get vaccinated. It is vital that all eligible students, teachers and school staff receive the vaccines. If more people are vaccinated, we will achieve population immunity much quicker and, thus, in-school learning will be possible without the need to introduce restrictions," said the Ministry.

Last month, deputy of education Marzena Machałek stated: “Vaccinations are very important, so for several months now schools have started thorough preparations for this process. The principals are organising it. They have clear guidelines. They know very well what to do.”

The government has allocated over 100 million zloty (€22 million) of additional funding for schools to acquire the necessary equipment.  A doctor will be present during the jabs to give a “greater feeling of safety”, said health minister, Adam Niedzielski.