Foreign investment in Poland hikes 12% in 2019

10 Feb 2020

Foreign investment The number of brand new foreign firms setting offices up in Poland increased by 12% year-on-year to nearly 9,000 in 2019, said the daily Puls Biznesu on Monday, citing national court register KRS data. 

Most of the foreign firms were registered by Ukrainian, Belarusian, Indian, Chinese, Armenian, and Pakistani citizens, said head of economic data centre COIG Jarosław Nowrotek.

The newspaper reported that 2019 was the first time over 8,000 foreign business registrations were recorded in Poland. This is twice as much as the 4,400 companies established in Poland in 2014.

France is also a key contributor of investments in Poland. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) has registered over 20 investment projects by French companies over the past five years, all of which are collectively expected to generate nearly 5,000 new jobs in Poland, said PAIH Director Jan Kamoji- Czapiński.

The director said that French companies in Poland have mostly invested in the automotive, pharmaceutical, business services and aviation sectors. Among the companies investing in Poland is Michelin Group, which has spent over €1 billion in the province of Warminsko Mazurskie. 

Kamoji- Czapiński added that French investors have a clear and positive understanding of the investment environment in Poland, which is why they have been developing factories and increasing capital accumulation in the Eastern European country for years.