Poland set to partake in UN business sustainability initiative

04 Jan 2019

natureInvestment and Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński announced that Poland will join the UN business sustainability initiative, proving itself as the first central European country to do so – reports thenews.pl.

The initiative, being the world’s largest business sustainability initiative, is targeted towards motivating businesses to take up sustainable and socially responsible policies.  

When speaking at a press conference at a UN climate conference in Katowice, Kwieciński said that the Polish government "would like Polish companies to be involved in the most important international initiatives."

Kwieciński went on to say: "Showing that Polish companies care about the environment, sustainability, is an important factor increasing the companies' competitiveness on international markets.”

Global warming and the ways in which it could be tackled were widely discussed at the United Nations’ COP24 conference, where politicians and those knowledgeable in the field from almost 200 countries gathered.

The Polish president said that Poland was “ready to take its share of responsibility for international security.”