Poland plans to follow EU budget rules

28 Mar 2019

europePoland’s finance minister has announced her plans of keeping the country’s budget deficit within European Union rules, despite several pre-election spending pledges aimed at helping families, young people and pensioners - Fox Business reports.

Teresa Czerwinska shared her hopes for Poland’s budget deficit, saying she anticipates it will be below 3% of the country’s annual GDP, therefore following EU regulations.

However, economists did express concern over the potential increase in spending for political motive.

Meanwhile, the leader of the right-wing ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, revealed plans of new benefits when speaking in a campaign speech ahead of May elections to the European Parliament, last month. The cost of benefits is estimated to be around 20 billion zlotys ($5.2 billion) this year.

Following a set increase in spending on social policy, the Law and Justice party have boasted the highest rankings in opinion polls.