Poland works to reach EU green energy target

01 Aug 2019

greeneryAccording to Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski, Poland is still in time to reach the European Union 2020 green energy goals because of those who produce and consume electricity through renewable sources, Reuters reports.

Generating electricity has long been a topic of conversation in Poland, since most of it is done through the use of coal, and the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s promise to maintain the coal industry was partially what led to its win in the 2015 general election. It had also blamed renewable sources like wind and solar for not being reliable.

However, this has since been scrutinised for the lack of consideration towards air quality and led to the government initiating a discussion on renewable energy sources.

This year, the government introduced subsidies for power prosumers, being the individuals, households and small firms that produce their own power while selling any remaining.

Additionally, in July the energy minister implemented a 1 billion-zloty subsidy program in an effort to encourage households to install solar panels while aiming to increase the number of prosumers from the 51,000 seen in 2018, to 200,000.

When speaking at a press conference, Tchorzewski said: “This is a significant help as this is 1 billion zlotys subsidy for renewable energy ... will provide us with capacity similar to one power plant, around 1 gigawatt.

“For me, this is extremely important as we are coming closer to the point where we would have a chance to meet the European Commission targets.”

The 2020 goal includes consuming 15% of gross final energy from renewables, with renewable electricity, green heat and transport being the sub-targets.

By 2040, Poland is aiming to build up to 10 GW capacity in offshore wind farms. Figures by the energy market regulator revealed that as of March, Poland had 8.7 GW power capacity installed in renewable sources, especially wind.