Retiring in Poland

14 Aug 2019

Poland attracts people for all kinds of reasons. It is a beautiful country, full to the brim with adventures waiting to be experienced and opportunities that cannot be missed. If you have visited this charming country and taken a liking for the lifestyle on offer, here are some things you should know before deciding to retire in Poland: 

Pension system

Expats moving to Poland should not be affected by any changes to pension rules implemented by the Polish government. If your money is coming from a pension system outside Poland, the Polish system does not apply. 


The Polish lifestyle boasts many perks – and we assume you know that, otherwise you probably would not be looking into retiring in this gem of a country! Due to easy access to both the sea and mountains, those who enjoy a fit lifestyle can definitely benefit from life here. If not, however, Poland is still a fantastic place for those seeking some peace and quiet away from a chaotic life back home. With that said, the further away you move from the busiest cities, the more you must brush up on your Polish skills. Foreign languages are not widely spoken in rural areas, especially by older individuals. On the other hand, if you are planning to enjoy the bustling city life, the major cities have a lot of cultural attractions, concerts, interesting events and festivals, as well as lively nightlife.
Getting around

Travelling around Poland is not difficult, especially if you are residing in a major city. Smaller villages also normally have a bus line residents can make good use of, while trains are quick and efficient. 


Those who are financially independent are eligible for a temporary residence permit that lasts up to three years. Following those years, you may move on to applying for a permanent residence permit or citizenship.

EU citizens are able to make use of the Polish healthcare system for emergencies, but otherwise, paying the National Health Fund or opting for private packages is your best option. Luckily, private healthcare is rather cheap when compared to other countries, and is worth the price when one takes the high standards into account.